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Manufacturers of Custom Folding Cartons and Wholesale Tin Containers

Wholesale Manufacturers of Custom Packaging and Decorative Tin Containers

Folding Cartons, Custom Tin Containers and Custom Packaging Products


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Imprenta Services Inc. We are a custom printing and wholesale packaging company that has years of experience as manufacturers of custom folding cartons, tin containers, and other forms of custom packaging for wholesale distribution and sales. We are suppliers to hundreds of local and international wholesale clients and our list of customers continues to grow because of our quality, expertise and attention to detail.

As leading producers of custom folding cartons and wholesale manufacturers of tin containers, we offer over 30 years of wholesale printing and custom packaging expertise. This includes cardboard, custom folding cartons, corrugate packaging, molded plastic containers/products, tin packaging containers and more. We are your go-to manufacturers who can offer various wholesale custom packaging solutions for your business.

ABOUT Tin King USA Manufacturers

Tin King USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imprenta Services Inc. and is the exclusive wholesale and marketing arm for Tin King Manufacturing, manufacturers of custom tin packaging located in Guangdong, China.

Today’s marketplace is global in scope. As experienced manufacturers of custom folding cartons, tin containers, and cardboard packaging, we offer our customers the opportunity to obtain excellent quality expertise and service from our domestic operations as well as through our China manufacturers.

If you would like to place orders for custom folding cartons, corrugate packaging, tin containers, and other types of packaging that are produced in China, your wholesale orders will require a little more lead time, but good planning will make it worth your while. Either way we have you covered for all your wholesale packaging needs. We accept minimum order quantities for folding cartons, custom tin containers, and other types of wholesale packaging requirements both locally and abroad.

Leading Manufacturers of Custom Containers and Packaging Products

If you need folding cartons, cardboard containers, corrugate or plastic containers/packages to house tin containers with a game board, playing cards, a pair of dice or other specialty products, we can turnkey the whole project. With established manufacturers and partners in China, we can produce many custom products and offer fulfillment services at a fraction of what it costs in the US.

As experienced manufacturers, we can save you lots of time, headaches, and logistical expenses with a turnkey solution. We can produce your product, as well as your packaging needs such as folding cartons, cardboard packaging, and tin containers. We also provide fulfillment services so you get a completed product ready to ship to your customers. We are committed to providing printing expertise, packaging solutions and the services necessary to make your job smoother and easier.

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to intimately understand your business and to manage the different processes necessary to provide custom printing and packaging solutions as required. We strive to make every detail of your custom packaging requirements correct from the time we receive your orders, through production, and through the final delivery to your facility.

We produce a wide-variety of custom folding cartons, boxes, plastic packaging, tin containers, and more. Our packaging will meet our customer’s expectations, as well as meet domestic and international consumer laws, standards and requirements. Our goal is to develop a long lasting relationship where we can utilize our expertise and experience. Next time you need quality packaging for tin containers, boxes, folding cartons, and other types of containers, please don’t hesitate to call our office and let us know how we can help you get the products you need.

Thank you for considering Imprenta Services Inc. We look forward to becoming your trusted supplier and long-term business partner when it comes to your custom packaging needs.


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