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Here at Imprenta Services, we provide quality printing and packaging solutions and products to our customers in the U.S. and abroad. As experienced manufacturers of flexible plastic products and corrugated boxes, we bring over 30 years of our expertise to every client we serve. Our goal as manufacturers has always been provide quality products and excellent customer service at every transaction.

We are expert manufacturers of corrugated boxes, flexible plastic products and packaging needs, tin containers, and flexible/folding corrugated boxes and plastic containers. If you’re looking for reliable and quality manufacturers for your custom corrugated boxes and flexible plastic products, then we are the top manufacturers to call.

Products: Printing Services

Imprenta Services offers professional printing solutions locally and abroad. We have expert printing staff to help you with various printing jobs such as design, printing, layout, and brochure production.

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Large Press Equipment List

Show a) Mitsubishi Diamond 3000R 12-Color Perfector with Dual UV capabilities
b) Heidelberg Speedmaster 40” 10-Color Perfector
c) Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 40” 6-Color with Coater (2)
d) Heidelberg Speedmaster 28” 6-Color with Coater
e) Heidelberg Mos-H 19” x 25” 6-Color
f) Heidelberg Mov-P 19” x 25” 4-Color Perfector
g) Didde Colortech 8-Color 23.5” Web Press [web roll to sheet


Digital Printing Equipment

Show a) Xerox IGen with DocuSP RIP (2)
b) Xerox Nuvera 144
c) Docutech 6135 (New Laser Technology) (2)
d) Docutech 6180 (2)
e) Digipath Scanner For Color or Black
f) Macintosh and PC Base


We offer complete Bindery and Finishing capabilities to meet your every need. Equipment:


Show a. Polar Mohr 137ED Cutter 45” with Air Table
b. Polar Programmable Cutter 40” with Air Table (3)
c. Stahl Folder 25” x 52” (2)
d. Continuous Feed Stahl Folder 30” x 52” (20
e. Stahl Folder 30” x 52” (2)
f. Stahl Folder 26” x 52”
g. Stahl Unique 6 Plate 25” x 52”
h. Mueller Panda II Perfect Binder with 3-Knife Trim
i. ST-90 Stahl 4” Pocket Saddle Stitcher with Cover Feeder and 3-Knife Trim
j. Nordson Fugitive Gluer Attachmet
k. Wiro-Binding, Plasticoil and GBC Binding with Auto Punch
l. Challenge 3-Hole and 5-Hole Spindle Drill (2)
m. Brackett Rotary Padder
n. Shanklin Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine
o. X-Rite Shrink Wrap Machine (2)
p. Conflex Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine


Die-Cutting/Gluing/Pattern In-Line Taping

Show a. Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 C/CS 40” Die Cutter
b. Moll Pocket Folder Gluer with Hot Melt and Cold Glue System
c. Moll Versafold with Auto Lock Bottom and Hot Melt Glue System
d. Miehle 12” x 18” Vertical Die Cutter
e. Pattern In-Line Taping Capabilities
f. Pitney Bowes Envelope Sealer


Products: Custom Corrugated Boxes, Flexible Plastic Products Manufacturers

Need manufacturers to help you create the right packaging for your products? Imprenta Services can help! We are experienced manufacturers of custom corrugated boxes, plastic containers, and flexible packaging products. As flexible manufacturers, we always think about the needs of our clients so we’ve made our corrugated boxes, flexible plastic containers, and packaging products in various sizes and shapes. This will help our customers choose the appropriate corrugated boxes and flexible plastic packaging solutions based on their needs.

We are also manufacturers who can make different finishes on your corrugated boxes and flexible plastic containers. We are manufacturers of corrugated boxes, flexible containers, and plastic products for all occasions, uses, and purposes.

Custom Tin Packaging Products

We are manufacturers of "tins for all purposes, uses, and occasions" including cookie tins, candy tins, trays, and various types of product packaging, promotional packaging, and much more. We also offer complete fulfillment services saving you time and money.

Our quality is at the top of our industry and we don’t mind raising your expectations because our goal is to always exceed them.

For over 30 years we have developed relationships with our business partners to offer the expertise, products, and services that are essential to your success.

We Bring All the Pieces Together.

If you have any questions about corrugated boxes, plastic containers, flexible packaging solutions, please contact us today.


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Custom Tin Packaging


Create a lasting impression, build brand awareness and set your product apart from the competition. We offer a full line of custom tin products and packaging.
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