"Solutions for your Printing and Packaging needs"


Do you have a project that includes a tin, plastic or card board package, a game board, game pieces, dice, game cards, instruction booklet, advertising specialty products etc., then you have come to the right place. We offer turn-key fulfillment services that could include customer furnished components or we would be glad to provide a proposal for all or part of these components.

Let us know how we can help you. Please keep in mind that labor rates in China are substantially lower than in the USA. With good planning, we can provide these turn-key services to fit your budget. With our labor rates and fulfillment services, you can afford to get very creative with the type of packaging that will give your product the highest perceived value.

An often-cited marketing maxim holds that about 80 percent of consumer purchases are driven by women. This finding is often quoted from Tom Peters "Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age". In this book published in 2003, the management guru claims that women make up 83 percent of all consumer purchases. The book notes that in category after category, women are "instigators-in-chief" of most consumer purchases. We never lose sight of these facts and it is always wise to create packaging with a focus on women consumers in mind.

Tin packaging, tin containers, cardboard packaging or set-up boxes with hinged lids, latches, snap & closures, plastic handles, etc. will give your product great added value that is so appealing to women decision makers as well as male shoppers. For example, packaging an appropriate product inside a tin retro lunch box will create the kind of high perceived value that will appeal to female shoppers for a number of reasons that a man may not be aware of. The goal is to be creative and design packaging that will make your products stand out above the crowd.